How To Pour Concrete Fence Footing

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How To Pour Concrete Fence Footing

26 October 2017
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Adding a chain-link fence to the outside of your house is going to make it so much more functional and secure. If you are a homeowner who has children in the house, a fence, whether in the front or backyard, is going to make your property safer and more enjoyable. If you want to install a fence directly into your soil, you need to pour concrete footings for fence posts. This article explains the best technique for pouring concrete footings.

Digging the Holes

The first step is obviously digging your holes. The depth of your holes depends on several factors. If you have loose soil, you will need a deeper hole. Since there are no set rules, it is a good idea to play it safe and always dig a hole that is 1/3 the depth of the eventual fence height. So, if you want a 6' tall fence, dig a hole that is at least 2' deep. Also, make sure your hole is twice the diameter on each side as that of the post you are going to install.

Pouring and Mixing the Concrete

The key to pouring concrete footing directly into soil is to not mix the concrete beforehand. Use traditional Portland cement that only requires you to add water. Basically, you measure out the amount of concrete powder and water that you need. Place the post in the hole and hold it loosely. Then pour the concrete mixture and water into the hole simultaneously. Mix them together as you hold the post in place. Obviously, this part of the job is easier if you have two people. As the concrete mixes and starts to dry, the post will start settle, so the helper will come in handy.

This is when you want to use a level to make sure the post is sitting at the right height. To be safe, the best technique is to install a post that is at least a full foot taller than you want it to be. Then, once the concrete dries you can go around and cut all your post to the right height.

You can cover your concrete footings with some dirt, so they are basically invisible when all is said and done. The key to a strong, long-lasting fence is making sure that you have a durable post. In turn, the key to a durable post is making sure they are securely installed with concrete footings. To learn more, visit sites like

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