Choosing An Aluminum Fence For Pool Safety: 7 Factors To Consider

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Choosing An Aluminum Fence For Pool Safety: 7 Factors To Consider

20 May 2016
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If you own a swimming pool and wish to ensure the safety of small children and pets, installing a fence as a safety precaution is a must. Aluminum fencing offers many benefits for pool safety, as it is unlikely to rust when exposed to moisture, is low maintenance and more cost effective than wrought iron. However, when choosing your aluminum fence for pool safety, you need to consider several aspects. Use the following as a guideline when purchasing aluminum fencing:

1. Learn Your Township's Building Codes

When constructing a fence on your property, you must comply with the codes and regulations set by your township. Your homeowners association may have stipulations and regulations to follow. There may be restrictions to consider in terms of height or other aspects. In addition, familiarize yourself with the regulations that are typically set by the Building Officials and Code Administrator (BOCA) of your area.

2. Height Matters, So Go as High as Possible

When constructing an aluminum fence for pool safety, the height must be at least 48 inches. However, if you want to ensure the highest level of protection and safety, consider a fence that is somewhat higher. If permitted in your area, an aluminum fence that is several inches (or a few feet) higher than the minimum of 48 inches will offer you maximum safety. This is particularly important if you wish to prohibit a large dog from jumping over the fence and gaining access to the swimming pool area.

3. Consider a Magnetic Latch in Addition to a Key Lock

Just about every quality aluminum fence will include some type of key lock for security. However, you might want to consider the addition of a magnetic latch. These are often referred to as Magna Latches.

With a self-locking mechanism, the stainless steel magnetic latch is a simple way to ensure extra protection. Equally important, it won't jam while closing. The Magna Latch may be installed horizontally or vertically.

4. Have a Look at the Pickets

Because you are installing your aluminum pool fence as a safety precaution, the picket spacing needs to meet safety standards. Pickets should be spaced less than four inches apart

5. Consider Ornamental Accents

In addition to safety, you might want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool environment. Many aluminum fence companies offer enhancements in the way of ornamental designs and other options. For instance, would you prefer exposed pickets or covered ones?

How about a fence with an arched designed gate or an arbor style? A scroll designed option may also be available. These are basically a matter of personal preference, as one design is not "better" than the other. You may also have the option of having your aluminum fence customized to your own specifications, so you might want to inquire about this as well.

6. Insist on Powder Coating for Your New Aluminum Fence

Your aluminum fence should have powder coating. This will help prevent corrosion as well as prevent the fence from chipping or peeling. Also, a fence with powder coating will not need any upkeep other than an occasional rinse with a hose.

7. Let the Pros Handle the Installation

Last but not least, how will you install your aluminum safety fence? If you are not experienced in aluminum fence installation, it is best to leave this task to a professional. An aluminum fence company or contractor will have the expertise to detect issues during installation. Also, the pros will not be likely to overlook important details as a typical layman might. A licensed contractor might also secure the building permits that are required for fence installation.

For more information about using aluminum fencing around your pool, contact local fencing contractors. 

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