Why You Shouldn't Install A Chain Link Fence On Your Own

Has your fence been damaged? If you want it fixed, read on: this blog is all about getting your fence repaired the right way the first time around.

Why You Shouldn't Install A Chain Link Fence On Your Own

16 October 2018
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Are you looking to install a fence around your property while on a budget? If so, you may be tempted to install a chain link fence all on your own instead of hiring chain link contractors. While this task may seem simple enough to do, it can actually be quite challenging. You'll potentially run into one of the following problems along the way.

Not Getting A Land Survey

The biggest mistake you can make is not having a land survey performed prior to having your fence installed. By passing on this step, you run the risk of accidentally building the fence on your neighbor's property, which can be a costly mistake. Your neighbor can retaliate by actually having you remove the fence and move it on to your side of the property. Having the land survey performed will help ensure that the fencing material stays exactly where you place it.

Not Digging Post Holes Properly

Each post hole that you dig needs to be deep enough to support this fence, which means digging a hole that is a depth that equals half the length of the post above ground. A 6 foot fence needs each post to be buried at least 3 feet underground. If you underestimate how deep your fence posts need to go, you'll end up with a fence that potentially falls down during a heavy storm.

In addition, you can have problems with mixing the concrete for the fence posts. Concrete that has too much water won't set properly, and temperatures that are too cold will prevent it from setting as well.

Not Digging Safely

It is important that you know where you are digging when placing the posts for the fence. Keep in mind that you run the risk of hitting a utility line when digging these deep holes, which is why you want to know where it is safe for digging. Your city should provide resources for marking areas where you shouldn't dig, or else you won't be safe when digging.

Not Considering Elevation

If you have property with some changes in elevation, you need to figure out how you are going to adjust the fence installation. You can't simply build the fence in a straight line up and down a hill, because it can leave gaps under the fencing material. If you own pets that roam your backyard, this is a way that they can escape.

Work with a local fencing contractor when performing your own fence installation seems too difficult for you.

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