Aluminum Fencing: Before The Install

Has your fence been damaged? If you want it fixed, read on: this blog is all about getting your fence repaired the right way the first time around.

Aluminum Fencing: Before The Install

17 June 2018
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Feeling ready to get a fence around your property might have taken a long time, but once making the decision, you want it up right away. However, it will take time for the aluminum fencing crew to show up and do their work. During the time beforehand, you might want to ensure you've already started doing these tasks.

Get Permits

Another thing that will take valuable time is the permit application process. You may have been surprised to even learn that permits were necessary for something you consider to be a small, easy job. However, most municipalities do ask residents and business owners to seek permits for lasting structures like fences. You can choose to simply ignore those requirements, but you could be setting yourself up later for a showdown that will end with you paying violation fees.

Read Zoning Ordinance

Whether in a commercial or primarily residential area, the zoning ordinance which applies to all structures in the city or town must be followed to the letter. Look up the current zone your property is in and get that part of the zoning ordinance copied so you can peruse it at home. Some municipalities have their ordinances posted on their town or city government website. 

Reading zoning information, you'll become aware of various details regarding all fences in your current zone. The zoning may spell out acceptable heights and dictate how far from the streets your aluminum fence must be. However, you shouldn't fret yet if the fence you envisioned will run afoul of the ordinance; you can ask about and apply for a "variance". This document would give you a one-time permission to act outside of existing zoning rules. The town or city must approve it before fencing is installed, forever. If you're not approved and build something which doesn't align with the zoning ordinance, fees could be in your future.

Check Boundaries[Positive Compliment.] Your article has been accepted at 4 stars. In the future, please focus on [taking a creative approach, proofreading, and strengthening your authority and expertise].​

If no fence has been on your property in the past, you need to be very sure that whatever you're putting up will be on property that is actually yours, not just land you assume is. One way to check is to look at or acquire your property deed. The deed will describe the land parcel, so you're sure aluminum fencing will only affect your property. To be sure, a surveyor can be called to assure you where the boundaries are.

Your aluminum fencing company can advise further. Your fence can be more easily erected when you've gotten some of these things done first

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