Three Reasons To Use A Fence Contractor To Build Your Stone Retaining Wall

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Three Reasons To Use A Fence Contractor To Build Your Stone Retaining Wall

22 January 2018
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If you are thinking about adding a stone retaining wall to your yard to create a more attractive look to your property's landscape, it is best to consult with a fencing contractor. And not just for the construction of the wall, but also during the design phase. The following are a few things a fencing contractor can do that make hiring one a much better idea than doing the work yourself.

They can help you choose the type of wall

There are several types of stone retaining walls, and they are defined by the technology used to hold them up. A fence contractor can help decide on the type of wall that is best for your property. It is not just about aesthetics. Retaining walls must be constructed, and not all soils are suitable for every type of retaining wall. A basic gravity type wall, one that relies on its own weight to stand straight, may be a poor choice for soft soils. Space can also be a limiting factor for the type of retaining wall the is optimal for your property.

The stone wall can be tricky to construct

A quality stone wall begins with the selection of the stones. Certainly you know what is attractive to you, but the stones should also be selected for their stability. Often this will mean large, flat pieces. After this, it is a matter of constructing the wall, but many stone walls are built with only a little mortar. Some of them use no mortar at all. And because the stones are not uniform the way bricks are, constructing the wall is more of an art than a science.

The backfill process can be complicated

Backfilling the retaining wall requires special techniques and understanding the right materials to use under the specific conditions of the property. A level foundation must be built for the long-term stability of the wall, and the right drainage system must be chosen. The depth of each layer of the backfill must be determined and the materials for the drainage soil and the topsoil. These decisions are often best determined from contractors who are experienced in building stone retaining walls.

Building a stone retaining wall is a much more complex project than you may realize. You can attempt to sketch an idea of what you want, but what is feasible is determined from years of building these type of walls. By using a professional fence company, you will have the retaining wall you want, and it will be done to a high quality standard.

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