Four Appealing Features That Cedar Wood Fencing Has

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Four Appealing Features That Cedar Wood Fencing Has

3 March 2017
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Fencing, fencing, and more fencing—what do you choose? You want something attractive, something that goes with your house and your yard, and something that reflects a little of your personality or your hobbies and interest in the outdoors. The type of fencing that hits all those high notes is cedar wood fencing. Here are some appealing features of this particular kind of fencing.


Cedar fencing smells awesome. It has that lovely, aromatic, woodsy smell. If you love hiking and camping but live in modern suburbia, you just cannot get the same smell from your own yard no matter how many evergreen trees you plant. However, cedar fencing emits that smell regularly because it is in its raw and natural wood state, and the cedar oils continue to ooze out long after the fencing planks have been cut.

It Deters Rodents and Moths

Rodents and moths both detest the smell of cedar, and they are not likely to attempt to chew it either. In some instances, cedar's oils and wood have been known to suffocate and/or kill (by poison) rodents, which is why they tend to stay away from it. What that means for you is that moths are less likely to alight in your yard, at least not anywhere near your fence, and rodents will not be using the panels to grind down their teeth.

It Stands Up to Rain Very Well

Cedar absorbs water and does not often split or crack unless it is in extremely dry environments (although most woods in dry places will do that). The fact that it soaks up moisture and rain like a sponge means that you will not have to worry about bare planks getting wet and then warping. Still, if you want to extend the life of the cedar planks in your fence, you could always apply a waterproof sealant for wood or use raw cedar oil, which will also deter rainwater.

It Has That Nice, Rustic Look

If you like things to look a little rustic, most cedar fences will eventually look that way. They generally start out looking very typical, but naturally acclimate and weatherize themselves for a classic rustic look. That means that, unless you cover it in paint or wood stain, it will quickly take on that ashen appearance that reminds you of a large dude ranch at the foot of some mountains.

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