Three Ideas To Enhance Your Privacy Fence's Security Profile

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Three Ideas To Enhance Your Privacy Fence's Security Profile

31 March 2016
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Privacy fences provide an inherent level of security against intruders, but if you are interested in enhancing this particular dimension, there are several things you can do that will enhance security. Below are three ideas for making your privacy fence an even more effective deterrent against possible trespassers:

Electrify your fence

A common and useful security measure for wooden fences, including privacy fences, is electrification. Electrifying a fence is something that most homeowners can do themselves at a reasonable cost, and the entire project can be completed in just a few hours. An electrical fence system includes bare wiring, insulators, transformers and optional accessories such as sirens or strobe lights, if desired. Fence kits can be purchased that include all these components in a single box.

When electrifying your fence, you have an option of running a single wire around the top to deter individuals from climbing. However, for the most secure electrification, be sure to install a neutral ground wire next to the "hot" wire to increase the odds of both wires being grabbed at the same time. This will provide a painful "zap" for intruders, even those who might be wearing insulating, rubber-soled shoes.

Of course, when installing electrical deterrents on a fence, it is critical to use only approved, manufactured technology and not attempt to jury-rig your system. An improperly wired or configured system can cause serious injury or even death, which may lead to a tragic outcome for a child or other individual.

Install tamper-resistant hardware and locks

Another way to protect your home and property is to install tamper-resistant hardware on your privacy fence. A determined intruder can easily unscrew or unbolt gate hinges or even remove individual fence boards if they can access the heads of the fasteners. In light of that, be sure to mount gate hinges so they are on the inside of the fence, rather than the outside. The same caution should be observed when installing latches. In addition, the use of unique fasteners, such as reverse-threaded screws or those that require special tools for assembly and disassembly, can slow down someone looking to gain entry.

If your fence gates are padlocked, then avoid using padlocks with exposed shackles. A pair of bolt cutters can make quick work of an unsecured padlock, so be sure to purchase locks with shrouded shackles that prevent the easy insertion of cutting tools. As with other hardware, it also is helpful to keep padlocks out of public view and away from those who might try to circumvent them. In addition, avoid buying cheap padlocks; the highest quality locks use hardened metal and are more difficult to pick.

Add height to your fence

Privacy fences are typically between four and six feet tall, but you can increase your fence's security factor by adding height to the pickets. Taller fences are impossible to leap over, and not many intruders will bring a ladder along for climbing. Adding height can be accomplished by using decorative crosspieces that run across the top of the fence, and you will simultaneously increase the aesthetics of your fence. To create a balanced look, fence posts can be heightened by crown pieces that sit atop them.

In some circumstances, it may be difficult to add height to your fence directly, so you can accomplish the same effect by lowering the soil on the outside perimeter of the fence. Digging a trench that lines the outer edge of the fence makes access more challenging for would-be intruders. When digging a trench, be sure to take into consideration the need for proper drainage and the prevention of soil erosion underneath the fence.

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